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bluerebel 7 12.28%
pMak26 0 0%
A.Carey_6 39 68.42%
BootiHole 7 12.28%
dosydos 2 3.51%
MorrowDeath 1 1.75%
motorman251 1 1.75%
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A work in progress...
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November ROTM Voting Thread

I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us.

Below are the contestants for this months ROTM. Remember, ROTM is sponsored by BullsEyeVinyl. Good luck to everyone!

Originally Posted by bluerebel View Post
Well.....lets try this again, lol. Also, this month will be a year that I've owned Pep-C....picked her up new in Nov of 2011.

some info:
The name is Robert. I fell in love with sport bikes back in 2004 when I was a junior in HS. After laying my eyes on my very first bike...I was never the same. Unfortunately, I was still living at home with my parents and coming from a Hispanic culture…it was not very easy trying to convince my parents to let me get a motorcycle so the long wait started. After waiting six years, in 2010 I purchased my first sport bike, 2001 R1. I soon realized that shit was way too much for my newb ass so I sold it and gathered money to get a new bike. After saving up for four or five months I drove down to Covina, CA and picked up Pep-C. Thanks to God and my wife, my dream came true and I was able to get the bike of my dreams.
So my adventure started with Pep-C and I’ve slowly been upgrading parts here and there. I enjoy working on her and getting my hands dirty at 10PM and not regretting it in the morning. Since 2004, my life has always somewhat revolved around sport bikes and it has recently been taking up a lot of my time. My wife along with Pep-C, are my encouragement, therapy, joy, and the twinkle in my eye. It’s been hard for my wife to let me get a bike and watch me dump $$$ into her when I get nothing it return (monetary wise) but she is able to see my happiness and she has been very supportive of it.
Everyone here has a bike with a story, I don’t feel like mine is any more special than how you feel about your bike, but your vote would be more than appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Year: 2012
Model: Yamaha Blue R6

-Current Mods-
Engine Performance Mods:
-EVAP (charcoal canister) complete removal
-AGG Racing block off plates
-Akrapovic full SS/Ti/carbon fibre Race Exhaust (ordered from Yamaha)
-Bazzaz EXUP eliminator (ebay find)
-Complete removal of EXUP servo
-K&N Street air filter
-K&N Oil filter

Chassis/Controls Mods:
-WoodCraft Complete Rear set kit
-WoodCraft Case Covers w/ stainless steel sliders
-WoodCraft cut frame sliders
-Hydralic brake switch for the WoodCraft rearsets
-Fren Tubo Type 3 brake lines (ordered from AGG Racing)
-Motul RBF600
-Modified AGG Racing SBK kit
-StompGrip (black) (ebay find)
-Shermoto Gold Bi-folding Shorty levers

-Zero Gravity clear double bubble
-COX Radiator Guard
-Angled gold valve stems (slowboyracing)
-Advanced Performance Accessories Exhaust Slider (they didnt have black :-(
-Removal of stock decals (hairdryer is your friend)
-Pimp Lady PacMan (signed by the wife) Reservoir Sock
-6k HID's from Mintsoda (ex-mintsoda now :sad)
-DMP fender eliminaator (ebay find)
-Flush mounts (ebay find)
-Clear 3M tank protector (ebay find)

-Michilen Pilot Power (Front)
-Michilen Pilot Road (Rear)

Track Rubber:
-BT-016's Pro


and yes, stretching her legs at the track:
Originally Posted by pMak26 View Post
Year: 2007
Model: R6
Engine Performance Mods: Mychron pipe... no gains, it was basically free. Sticker mods... infiniti powah.
Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.): EBC track pads, frame sliders, fender eliminator, hidden plate, flush mount LEDs, Rider mod

I love my bike. Plain and simple, like most of you guys on here. Sometimes it hates me, but thats okay, this is unconditional

Always wanted a bike. I professionally race shifter karts, so naturally I'm attracted to these sort of things. I saved up even while paying for college and eventually landed on a deal. It needed a little work but no biggie, I'm a mechanic. After a few odds and ends (i.e. rewiring the entire bike etc etc). It was alive! <3 Its been a beautiful relationship ever since.

I think my favorite bike memory is one day a few years ago my car overheated in the middle of winter. I ordered the parts but they were not due to come in for a few days. With no other option to get to work (only had one car at the time) I had to take the bike in. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it was sub 30* out that morning. My commute is 35 miles each way. I had minimal gear to wear and certainly nothing that could keep me remotely warm. around the 30mile mark my hands were feeling, well, hypothermic. I couldn't take it anymore so I just hit it and flew to work. Not really sure how fast I was going but definitely over 120. I do NOT recommend and it was stupid, but hell, it got me there. I have plenty more great times but this was a good one where she really pulled through for me.

I love my bike because I basically built it from the ground up. I've learned so much from it. I was hooked from the first ride on it and every ride brings a huge smile on my face. Its a feeling like no other.

Like I said, need 'a little' work:

Track time!

Why is this picture so small?
Originally Posted by A.Carey_6 View Post
I'll enter:

image by [/url]

So Some of you have seen my bike in its street trim. I like to be a little different and live out loud. The wheels are a custom Powdercoat of Orange with gold flake. The Track glass is NOT painted. It's a custom wrap i had done by All Digital Ink.

Bike Currently has:
-Zero Gravity DB clear & Dark Smoked
-Sharkskinz & factory bodyworks w/ Custom Wrap by All Digital Ink
-Full Graves Titanium system
-Graves smog plates
-Bazzaz Zfi/Afm
-Bazzaz Exup Delete
-Vortex/DID -1/+2
-BMC Air filter
-Fren Tubo Type 3 Lines
-AGG rear reservoir delete
-Custom Powdercoat on wheels
-All Balls Racing Bearings
-Stalhbus Oil Drain
-Pitbull Steering Stabalizer
-Motion pro quick turn throttle
-Driven Grips
-Braking Rear Rotor
-Dunlop Q2's
-Carbon Fiber Tank sides
-Carbon Fiber Seat Cowl
-Stomp Grips
-Skur Carbon Fiber triple Tree
-SKur Gauge Cluster
-Custom Made Fender Eliminator
-Custom Made Radiator Gaurd
Originally Posted by BootiHole View Post
First, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Ken aka 'BootiHole' My username is named 'BootiHole' because I'm an idiot. Lol. Yes, I could've made up a different username but I'm pretty much stuck with it because I am also known as 'BootiHole' on YouTube. You can search up my name there and watch a few videos I've created on my spare time. Just to give you guys an idea, I currently have 37,500 subscribers with over 10.4 million views. ;O

Anyways, I think my bike should be named Ride of the Month because she taught me what love is, and what a relationship should consist of. When I first bought her, it was mint, completely stock, ready to be ridden. The night I first took her out for a spin, gave chills running up my spine. Every input I gave her, she gave the exact output I wanted. I felt like she understood me, and I understood her. On our one month I decided to give her a little tease and bought her a Vortex front sprocket with a new chain. She felt a little different about things but it was all for the better, and it brought us closer. I felt after giving her that front sprocket, we decided to do things a little faster. Few months pass by, and finally. I decided to give her the full package. I installed a full system on her and a power commander to top everything off. My God does she moan so deep now. I went through a phase where I demanded so much from her, that she started showing some wear and tear. I wanted to do something about it because I didn't like the way she was feeling. I flushed her out, and refilled her. RBF600, AMSOIL, and most importantly a BMC Race Filter so she could breath better. Ah, it was a quick recovery. At this point I was crazy about her. I wanted to spoil her with all the money I had in my savings jar for future girlfriends. I gave her new levers from Shermoto, improved her eyes from DDM Tuning, SKUR carbon fiber covers because my keys kept scraping her top every time I rode her, and most importantly Pro Grips so I can give her a more precise twist and better grip whenever I give her a hard ride. Most recently, she gave me mixed signals. I didn't know if she wanted to speed things up or slow things down. I kept wondering what was wrong that I realized it was something I've done back in the beginning of our relationship. The front sprocket. This whole time she was giving me wrong outputs of how fast we wanted to go. I kept wanting to go faster and faster because everyone else was doing it, but she showed me that it was illegal. But it's all solved now thanks to a SpeedoDRD.

Sorry for the long story, but this my friends.. is what a relationship with your bike should be all about. Whatever you do, you must first understand her, and have her understand you. Whatever problems may arise, there's always a fix. Relationships can last long, only if you treat her right and if you show her hospitality. Well, her and I, we've been going strong for two years and I can honestly say, I'm in love with her.. ..and that's why I think my bike should be named Ride of the Month.

Year: 2007
Model: R6

Engine Performance Mods:
Full Yoshimura Carbon TRC Exhaust System
Power Commander III
BMC Race Filter
15T Front Vortex Sprocket
AGG Racing Smog Block Offs
AMSOIL 10W-40 Oil
AMSOIl EAOM103 Filter

Chassis/Controls Mods:
Shermoto Racing LF7 Levers
Hotbodies Racing Undertail
Hotbodies Racing Flush Mount Signals
Motul RBF600 Racing Brake Fluid

DDM Tuning 4500k Slim HID Kit
Pro Grip 724 Dual Density Road Grips
Pro Grip Black Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
SKUR Black Carbon Fiber Triple Tree & Gauge Cover


Originally Posted by dosydos View Post
Year: 2012 R6
Engine Performance Mods: M4 Gp Slip-on, EXUP removed, Flashed ECU
Chassis/Controls Mods: Shermoto Levers, Michelin Pilot Powers,
Accessories: Flush Mounts, Fender eliminator, Dark smoke ZG Windshield, ZG windshield Trim, “Slowboy” Reservoir socks, Advanced Pro million color LEDS, Blacked out headlights and 3rd eye, Blacked out rider and passenger pegs, Removed Factory Decals, Stomp Grip Black, White Rim Tape, Smoked Motodynamic Tail Light, NJG Custom Decals

This is my 2012 r6 named “Bella.” She is my second bike, my first being a ninja 650r. I became interested in motorcycles ever since I was younger and I would watch my older cousins riding on their sportbikes. Of course the parents were against them saying, “not as long as you live in my house.” This led to me heading to college and living in Newport where I picked up my first bike, Had some fun times on that ninja 650, went down a few times and learned a lot of valuable lessons through errors made and the MSF class. Too make a long story short I ended up selling the ninja after college due to the lack of finding a job and student loans coming in. That was a little more than a year ago. This past April I remember waking up to the sound of a Honda cbr1000 riding on by and that’s when the urge to ride again really hit me strong. I headed straight to the nearest dealership, a convenient 5 miles away, and when I walked into the dealership I knew right away this was the bike I wanted.
I have an image in my head of what I want the bike to look like after all the modifications, so she is not nearly completed probably only 40% completed. Here are some pics that the girlfriend took of the bike for me. She’s all about photography so I hope you guys enjoy them.

Originally Posted by MorrowDeath View Post
Ill give it another shot but im pretty sure A.carey 6 has this one in the bag lol

my 2004 R6, 26000 miles

Engine Performance Mods:
~Power Commander 3~Level One Racing Ex (Black, Fac Tip)~Driven Sprocket Kit (-1)~Driven Sprocket Nuts (Red)~SpeedoDRD~Yoshimura SS Header (Polished)~Factory Pro 2-Piece SuperFlare V Stacks~Factory Pro Ignition Advance Rotor +4~Barnett Clutch Springs~K&N Air Filter~R&R Smog Block-Off Plates~(Tune Coming Soon)

Chassis/Controls Mods:
~GPR V4 Stabilizer (Black/Red Adjuster)~Vortex Rear Sets (Black)~Fren Tubo Brake Lines (Type 4)~EBC HH Brake Pads~Dunlop Q2 (190)~ASV C5 Shorty Levers (Black Lever/Red Adjusters)~Shorai LFX14 Battery~

Puig Windscreen (Dark Smoke)~Hot Bodies Flush Mount Turn Signals (Smoked)~Driven D3 Grips (Black Grips/Red Sleeve)~Motodynamic Sequential LED Tail Light (Smoke)~Motovation No Cut Frame Sliders~Rizoma Billet Barends (Black)~Rizoma Oil Filler Cap (Black)~Rizoma Swing Arm Spools (Black)~Powder Coated Gas Cap,Pass Peg (Semi Gloss Black)~Stompgrip (Clear)~Vortex Mirror Block Offs (Black)~Crg Bar-End Mirror~DDM Tuning HIDs (4500K)~Angel Eyes CCFL (Red)~R-6 Forum Sock (Black/Fiend Pin)~

I got my 04 Limited Edition Silver R6 back in 09 from the stealer ship with 8000 miles on her. After living/racing in the canyons for a year I lowsided her 85+ mph at GMR and broke pretty much everything on it. In no rush to get back on a bike I let her sit for a few months in my garage. I slowly started repairing it and decided on a color change and ended up with a black. Pretty much took 2 years of saving up/repairing to get her to where I was happy with it again. Here She is Enjoy

Originally Posted by motorman251 View Post

Year: 2002
Model: r6
Engine Performance Mods: two bro exhaust
Accessories: flush mounts, fender eliminator, anodized foot pegs,

Got the bike in on a trade, started with a golf cart I had gotten for free, traded that and a couple guns for a 2003 polaris sportsman 700 that needed some work. Then I ended up trading that for the r6. I only have $800 into the bike, and she rides like a dream!

RIP Matt (Ghost R6). You will be greatly missed. Be smooth and the rubber turning till we meet again.

Originally Posted by ak2007r6 View Post
"I refuse to tip toe through life to arrive safely at deaths door".
Originally Posted by thedub View Post
There is more to squidliness than just your gear.
Build Thread
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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

CMRA #620
Wreck It Pandas #68

My 2008 R6 race build

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I dont measure life in dollar bills, I measure life with the joy I get out of it.

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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

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( . Y . )
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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

Good luck to everyone

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything"..... Marty McFly

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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

Done deal.

Good luck to all who entered!

RIP Richard Bishop. You're a great friend and someone I will never forget.

MY XBL GAMERTAG: AmericanGingers
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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

CVMA #691
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I eat my R6
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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

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You don't say that
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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

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Re: November ROTM Voting Thread

AAAANNNNDDD track bike takes the lead. Still have faith in you Robert! Could still be your month!!

"that's the smell of dedication.....and maybe a little athlete's foot" - Cal Crutchlow

Originally Posted by Mac7504 View Post
Saw the cooter, was no impressed...There were things that fell to the ground; deeply saddened me...
Originally Posted by ChiefSmokeDawg View Post
Its gonna be awesome to be back on the track tho. Being there all weekend and not riding was like getting a lapdance in sweatpants bro!
MyNotSoSuper Build
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