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Re: High Pressure Radiator Cap? Cooler temps?

do you have a cat on your bike still? they soak up a lot of heat that in turn gets soaked into the motor, that can help too.

are you running a pc3/5? perhaps your bike is running just a bit rich, depending on your altitude that can make your bike run hotter too. I know with my BMW it helped just throwing map on a stock bike, because form factory they are tuned rich, which in turn also makes the bike run hotter. for instance one person found their AFR as high as 15.5 when optimal A/F Ratio = 13.2 - 13.5 : 1 according to dynojet.

both of these things can add up to a bit of added cooling, but its only food for 20F or so in the same conditions on my BMW. I haven't had the chance to do the same sort of thing on the Yamaha, as I already have a pipe and pc3 on it.
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