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Re: 2018 R6 Speedometer Displays 0

well first of all how did you clear the check engine light? because it now requires a special connector cable to the diagnostic connector to a code scanner since they did away with the diagnostic mode of the ecu(thank euro emissions regulations, that's a whole other discussion). some of the fault codes require a reinstatement procedure to make it work again. and 2nd, you didn't clear the code. because it's still on when you start the bike.
3rd did you change the gap on the abs ring? the abs ring and sensor is how it gets the wheel speed.

and since europe decided to force the world to accept their emissions rules you can no longer adjust the ecu yourself such as testing the signal from the sensor through yamaha's old diagnostic feature that was built into the ecu. now you have to take it to a dealership and let them use the yamaha diagnostic tool(software on a laptop) to test it.

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