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Re: 2018 R6 Speedometer Displays 0

I purchased the diagnostic adapter and a OBD2 Scanner that both reads and erases codes. I ran the Scanner, which picked up the P0500 code and I subsequently cleared it. After I cleared the code I started the bike and there was no check engine light displayed.

The check engine light lit up after I started riding, I'm assuming because it is getting anything off of the rear wheel sensor. When I plugged the Scanner back up it was the same P0500 code.

With that said, to my knowledge I haven't changed the gap (I didn't even think that was possible). Can you explain how to adjust the gap between the ring and sensor? Also, can you speak to the reinstatement procedure you mentioned? Do you know if there is one for the rear wheel sensor?

I plan on picking up a gauge this weekend to measure the distance between the two to see if it is the recommended distance as stated in the service manual.

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