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Re: What oil is best?

Originally Posted by Jgelack View Post
So Motul and Amsoil are TRUE synthetics, and Mobil1 is currently not? I've read ALOT of GREAT things about Amsoil, I'm just not sure whether or not to believe all the hype, do user analysis confirm any of this? The fact they're not forthcoming about what base they're using is a little suspicious to me. Motul seems to come highly regarded as well on this forum, especially the 300V, so I'm thinking of trying that, since I plan on splitting the bike between street/track duty.
I'm not sure about them being able to tell what the oil is. they don't provide that to you when they do the analysis. they just test the oil for impurities like gas water, aluminum, etc stuff that should't be in it. then they also break down the additives typically found in motor oils like zinc, molybdenum. stuff like that.

and for a little extra cost they can do a TBN and get an idea of how much oil life is remaining. the higher the number the better. I think it's a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being new oil.

the great thing never talked about with oils containing ester is ester is polar. which means it's molecules cling to metal. maybe not the aluminum but the cams and lifters are steel. and so is the crank, transmission, and bearings.

you will be fine using 300v. just change it at 3000 miles once and send a sample in. then you will have an idea how long you can leave it in.

I left mine (300v) in the bike for an entire year. actually about 14 months. they found 0 water in it and said the tbn is 7. so it got no condensation from sitting unused. and after a whole summer of use it was still at 7. even so, I just cant bring myself to using it more than a single season.

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