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  • 123danchoi ·
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    123danchoi ·
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    I was wanting to order a pair of your block off plates. And I'm sure you get this all the time, is there any cons or tuning needed to use these? Thanks!
    Keith2014R6 ·
    I contacted you a few days ago regarding the bad ballast that I received in my HID kit that I ordered from you. Please get back to me about replacing it. Thanks!
    midnightsun13 ·
    Hey man,

    You're still selling HID kits right? I had a GSX-R buddy email you and say he hasnt heard anything back yet. I think he just emailed you through the website. He just asked me to make sure you are still in business since he hasnt heard back.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

    Quig ·
    I figured. Ok cool, i went on your website when i was looking at them originally. Thanks for the reply
    Quig ·
    Not sure if you just dont like me or to busy to answer my questions but i sent you a PM yesterday and am awaiting your reply. That is the second time ive tried to get a hold of you about your HIDs...
    adolfo0521 ·
    Just ordered my set of HIDs to replace the horrible quality ones that were already installed on my bike. Can't wait to see how great these new ones will look! :D
    Shush319 ·
    Yo Justin,
    MCN is up and running. Only Moto GP, Moto2, & Moto3 though. Trying to find out why no SBK or BSB. Figured I'd give you a heads up so you can set up our private league.
    infamouskillas ·
    Just placed my order, thank you!

    One more question, I have also seen throughout the forums that you are the go-to guy for a SpeedoDRD, however, I did not see it on your website. Any info as to the availability of that product?

    Thanks again Justin!
    - Ian
    infamouskillas ·
    hey how's it going?

    I'm looking to buy some block off plates between now and this friday. Was wondering how to go about giving you your business? Heard nothing but good things about you and aggracing.

    botelhoj420 ·
    Hey my name is Jon I just bought a full exhaust now I'm looking into picking up some block offs if u could please help me out on how and where to buy them from u. Thanks
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