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  • Marine_R6 ·
    Is your ride back in street plastics. Thinking about doign a ride this weekend. Bunch of my freinds are going out to Yosemite not sure If I want to ride that far yet. let me know
    Krutoydiesel ·
    Thanks Ram :cheers

    I was thinking about getting that can, but saw a racefit Ti slashcut slip on the sale section and picked it up right away, been wanting that slip on forever!

    its rare and titanium =)
    Krutoydiesel ·
    Hey Ram, i was wondering if i could get some specs or the name of your slip on that chief sold you =), i cant see your pics cause blocked at work mwahah
    Marine_R6 ·
    Then orange it is. it will only be a small portion next to the windscreen where you pushed the yellow out to on the blue. I ran out of the yellow until my order comes in on tuesday so painting halted for now. Should be cleared next weekend and ready for pickup. Im not going to color sand and buff. If you want that done we can do it later if you like. Ill pick up the orange on tuesday as well. Like I said the blue is about a shade darker than the blue on that tank shroud you gave me. I don't think any one will see the difference from the tank to the fairings.
    Marine_R6 ·
    ON the noes piece I am painting the inside yellow like you designed. I was thinking thought after seeing you leathers. The 2 little sides on either side of the windscreen I was thinking those should be silver to match the parts on the leather. with the inside the bright yellow. Either the silver or fluorescent orange. Let me know what you think I think it will complete the look more.
    sill'r B sill'd ·
    I noticed you just purchased a set of Dzus fasteners. Are those universal for different brands of body work? I need hardware to mount up a Hotbodies track tail.
    AhaMaYRR13 ·
    hey bro I Building a R6 2008 and i was just wondering do you know any good web sites for Aftermarket parts. Whats a good Exhaust to put on a R6? hit me back thanks....
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