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  • sill'r B sill'd ·
    Good news. The triathlon I'm doing offers a off road course, too. I bought a new mtb and am training daily for the event. It's a short course tri, so 1/4 swim, 12 mile off road ride, 3 mile run. I've never done a tri before, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!
    sill'r B sill'd ·
    I'm looking into getting a road bike so I can participate in a triathlon. What's a good entry level bike. I'll be looking at 54cm bikes. Thanks!
    HaVocX ·
    looking for another 06-07 r6.. got 4500 to spend.. wanna track/race it.. dont mind salvaged titles this time. lemme know if you got any good leads. thx buddy
    r3x1mu5 ·
    thanks for the info man. i've just had this workout routine since highschool. our conditioning coach for football always had us do a run before we lifted and i've stuck with that routine ever since. after reading that little article i was just wondering if i could get more out of my workout if i just switched things up. thanks again. :cheers
    imaking20 ·
    What's your intention?
    Do you want to effectively build muscle and burn fat... or basically waste your time on both :laugh
    Weights then cardio is the best arrangement for building muscle and burning fat if you're doing them in the same trip to the gym. I lift at a pretty quick pace, timing my intervals, then usually jump rope or something afterwards while I alternate through an ab workout.
    The reason for weights first is (putting it simply) your carbs are your strength, and you need to work through your carbs to effeciently burn fat. So use the carbs you have stored for strength while lifting, then do cardio after when you've depleted most of your carb storage - leaving fat vulnerable!
    Or do cardio first thing in the am :D
    r3x1mu5 ·
    :wave quick question about working out. do you do cardio and then hit the weights? or visa versa? i usually do a run on my treadmill and then do the weights or calisthenics. just read in an article that you should do weights first. thoughts? thanks for your time isaac.
    arrhsix ·
    hey man do u have the grill rear sets? if u do can u send me a picture of how u mounted up the exhuast. i got the same kind n want to make sure its how it should be. thanx!
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