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  • DreadedDecarlo ·
    Hey, my clutch plates came in today. Sadly, there wasn't an order but they're packaged in groups.

    Here are the groups (2006 R6)
    - 8 Clutch plates
    - 2 Clutch plates
    - 1 Clutch plate
    - 1 Friction Plate
    - 7 Friction Plates
    - 1 Friction Plate

    I assume some of these are extras ?
    l34chy ·
    Hi i have been looking at your threads and it looks like your the man to ask i have an 09 R6 and the throttles are not opening and closing when i turn it on and its running rough do you know if there is a common fault i can check first before i need to get it plugged in.
    Caedo ·
    If you can reply to [email protected]
    Ive got a bike problem
    I think its electronic and I'm doing a video soon so people see the issue.
    once its warmed up, you roll on throttle and about halfway through the computer or something acts like you let go of the throttle.

    Gas or spark stops. RPMs cut down to near idle rate but like a dying idle trying to spin up but being retarded down. I checked TPS and Coils. Had 1 coil replaced, not sure about injectors. My only other idea was the computer system being bad or some relay or sensor sending bad info to the computer causing the computer to look bad.

    Interesting note, clutch in-> kill switch on/off-> clutch out to popstart. effectively restarting the bike lets the throttle work normally for another 1-5minutes. I'll email you a link to the video for more description and seeing/hearing the problem if you send me an email. Going to post it in general on R1 forum too.
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