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  • 123danchoi ·
    Cần tìm địa chỉ học kế toán thực hành tốt nhất
    Cam kết là địa chỉ học kế toán tốt nhất tại hà nội và tphcm
    các hoc ke toan tong hop tại tphcm
    bảo hiểm thất nghiệp 2016 tại tphcm
    khóa học kế toán excel
    và học phần mềm kế toán tốt nhất
    Địa chỉ học kế toán thực tế tốt nhất
    cung cấp dịch vụ kế toán tốt nhất giá rẻ
    Bobbilewis ·
    Hey guys. Got some questions about a 2000 r6. Just got the bike and battery expanded. So then I got another one and it did the same thing. Wires connected to it was fried so I had them professional done and put a new regulator on it. My rpm's are jumping all over the place. Bike seems to have a hard time starting and seems to backfire when not warmed up for 30 minutes. actually sounds like crap. Took the speedometer of put it on my friends bike and it works. Checked all the wires and everything seems to work. Does anyone have a clue where I can look next?
    Jude1505 ·
    Hi i went out and bought a new clutch kit for my 2008 r6s and i wanna know if i need a basket! Cn u get back to me pls thanks
    streetbikeford ·
    Good morning Mod. I recently made a post about Auctmarts, and we were able to work out a deal that is conditional on me removing the post about them. Can you delete the thread "Never buy from Auctmarts" please?
    ussoldier1984 ·
    I dont know If I did the thread Pulling motor to fix tranny in the right area. I put it in bike build, but if that is wrong could you move it to garage repair?
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