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  • super6er ·
    Quick question. I have a 99 r6 and im looking to gain more acceleration but not to the point where front wheel pulls up all the time. I was thinking of a 520 kit. What is difference between a 520 kit and a quick acceleration kit? What should my sprocket sizes be as far as teeth for front and back? What brand do you suggest. Thanks!
    MikeN02 ·
    Hi Shane, I'm having a problem accessing the forums. Couple months ago I can go on them fine but now when I tried to log in it says that my IP has been banned. My account is still active, tried it when I log in from a friend's house.
    Isaac039 ·
    Hey shane, your probably busy but can you change my screen name to


    bStunt ·
    Hey Shane, I know ur probably one busy dude, but when you find some time, can you please change my username to 'bStunt' :) thanks broski!

    Member since 2005 ;)
    zixxer ·
    Im contacting you to ask to become a vendor here. Could you please let me know what you need from me to do so.

    HornsFan420 ·

    I originally registered with the username: Nate Reddy , didn't visit for awhile and lost that pw but also don't want my name as my user, so registered my current name HornsFan420 and also paid for a lifetime membership to help out the forum. My join date on my original username was 07-21-2008, can you please change the join date to on my current username (HornsFan420) to that and delete the original username? Thanks a ton!

    ZedR6 ·
    I'm guessing you get a ton of personal mail so I figured I would ask here.

    Would it be possible to change my name to ZedR6?
    I was way too anxious to join... hate my current SN
    Thank you
    Super6er99 ·
    I have a quick question. I was going to order a 520 kit for my 99 r6 but when i went to order it, it was asking me what tooth combination i wanted? Can you tell me the best combination for maximum performance? I dont stunt. i just want a sick r6. i dont ride above 150mph hardly at all either, I do street riding, no track. Can you respond to [email protected]? Thanks!
    r3x1mu5 ·
    i see you're doing another convention. talk to chuck and get him to organize a west coast one. i see he has operations in van nuys....pretty please. kthxbi :laugh
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