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  1. 2006 Yamaha R6 Track Bike - $6,000 - NYC

    Bikes For Sale
    2006 frame R6 Track Bike, 2008 engine Specs are as listed, if any details are missed of course please contact: -Full Race fairings -fully safety wired -Supersport spec high compression engine (built and tuned by Markbilt) -YEC Race ecu -Full zard exhaust -full safety wire -brembo master...
  2. Suspension Feedback & Advice

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    What's your opinion and the main difference between a brand new / used Ohlins shock and a "Race Tech gold valve shock kit" with the appropriate shock spring?
  3. Suspension Feedback & Advice

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Thanks HIS OWN 6 - I feel like I know the answer already but I'm going to ask. There's no way to know what rate's currently in there without asking who installed them or last worked on them, correct?
  4. Suspension Feedback & Advice

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Thanks thedub, you're 100% right about the suspension tuning - I guess due to my lack of understanding regarding "specific" suspension components and behaviors I was looking for a snapshot of what things do. For example, when you adjust your preload, what's the effect? Rebound, dampening, etc...
  5. Suspension Feedback & Advice

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Participated in the last track day of the year @ NJMP yesterday - weather turned out to be great and small groups meant there was plenty of space and time to work on stuff. As my track times increased and lap times decreased I've noticed a behavior from my suspension. The most apparent place...
  6. Your Best Track Picture.

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    First track day on the R6, took a day to get acquainted but totally happy with the 600.
  7. Track Bike Purchasing Tips?

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Officially in the market for a track only bike and am going to check out an '01 R6 later on next week. Anything particular you guys think I should be keeping an eye out for, work that should have been specifically done? I'm prepared (and expecting) that the bike has been down, but any damage...
  8. How Was Your Track Season?

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Second season, total of 3 days. First day of the year was infuriating- convinced I was pushing harder and harder, no progress made. Once second & third days came along, so did the progress. Got bumped group 2 in my second day, felt that the pace was good. 3rd day I was in White group but working...
  9. Your Best Track Picture.

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Few shots from this season:
  10. Daytona 675

    General Discussions
    That seemed to separate into two pieces rather easily...
  11. 9/25 w TPM, NE help

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Anyone from the forum doing Sunday the 25th w/ TPM? Looking for a way to get the bike down, wondering if anyone is down to ride share (or has a vehicle I can hop on / in with). TPM won't let me post on their forums without being a member & paying. Thanks :cheers
  12. The "Falling" Effect

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Had my first track day of the season yesterday and am currently going over plenty of stuff in mind in regards to potential improvements, modifications, changes. However a 10 minute session at the end of the day officially through some curiosity in my mind- One of my friends that I was pitting...
  13. FS: Nolan X-602 Stoner Replica

    Gear For Sale
    bump for posted shots of actual lid
  14. MotoGP (SPOILERS)

    RACE Section
    They're supposedly testing the 1000cc between today and tomorrow, interesting to see what the results / feedback are (at least I know Duc is, not sure about the other manufacturers)
  15. 2011 GSXR 600 vs Triumph Daytona 675R

    Non R6 Motorcycle Section
    In a track setting I'd rather go with a 675R based solely on the triple layout- not as much top end but will technically pull like a twin but rev past them. Daytona'll be a bit pricer to source parts, etc (which I would assume as to why there are so many GSXRs at track days as well in addition...
  16. Turning and opening up!!

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Figuring out your limits in regards to handling & turning on the street is trying to guess how far you can run a safe distance away after pulling a pin from a grenade. If you're only 40 minutes from NJMP definitely do a track day for your first time- won't take much in regards to modifying your...
  17. get into shape

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Core is CRITICAL- if you've never been you're going to be tight & sore after your first day regardless of your condition due to just general muscle tense-ness / nervousness. Definitely spin classes, squats, dead lifts, etc.
  18. could it be.........could it really be?

    General Discussions
    NYC's slowly starting to warm up, God knows it warm enough to hit the track!
  19. Tips on cleaning Titanium?

    How To's...
    Got titanium Leo Vince's on my Aprilia, got some stains that I'm looking to get rid of (chain grease on the inside, water / dirt on the outside of the pipes). Anyone have a product or method in mind that works particularly well?
  20. NJMP Season Opener

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Did my first track day with them, could not have asked for a more positive first experience to get me hooked.
1-20 of 374 Results