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  1. Bike won't crank when hot!

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    did you change the fluids?
  2. Bike jerks when put into gear

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    pretty normal change the clutch fluid if it hasn't been already smoother transition from gear to gear.
  3. Question

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    have u checked the oil level?? it's probably low. cars sometimes do the same thing.
  4. bang & total loss of oil !!!!!!!

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    i would say do a full check including forks. the oil is on the right side, make sure no holes or leaks.. not too sure, but if its the left side it might have been the oil filter.. u might have to change that along with an oil change. good luck
  5. Mixed a little non-motorcycle oil in there..

    Oil and Lubrication
    its fine.. jsut buy enough motorcycle oil next time
  6. 01 R6 carb issues

    Exhaust and fuel delivery
    i have an 01 as well, when ur bike is warmed up ur choke shoudl be turned off all the way... if it still idles high try adjusting the idle located on the right side of the bike(riding position) jsut above the oil cap. If the problem persists i suggest u take off the carbs and jsut adjust the air...
  7. bike wont start after riding

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    maybe a new batter?
  8. 01 R6 Missing/Carb Problems/etc - Watch Video

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    well yes dont get oil sucked in, just make the tube longer and less oil or fluid , u just need some viscous fluid. I definitely think u need to synch them for sure. when sinking make sure after adjust the butterfly screws blip the throttle, if u use 4 tubes.. its easier instead of the 2 tubes...
  9. What do you wear on your feet?

    Safety Equipment
    i wear sidi boots they work great and are pretty comfortable but they do get hot jsut wearing and walkign aroudn in them
  10. 500 mile first maintanence...is it worth it??

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    first maintenance is jsut a overall check.. oil change..chagne filter as well. and re-lubing of chains and such.. that's about all, and i beleive a coolant flush. Stock stuff is never good.
  11. 01 R6 Missing/Carb Problems/etc - Watch Video

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    i agree.. synch because it sounds like you're only adjusting the butteryfly screw in order for it to create sound.... best of have a carb gauge.. if that doest help somethign wrong with carbs.
  12. Brake Squeaking!!!!

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    ya i beleive its normal.. jsut find a straight road no traffic.. and go fast then brake hard..wear them down really good
  13. Super Cheap Damper

    Suspension settings
    lol i suggest not buying a cheap dampener...
  14. Akrapovic Full Racing System

    Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Hey i would say u sould need a pc3 and dyno... but some ppl say u dont need it, but i would suggest it to get the best hp gain for the system. Probably best if u get new airfilter as well, even though the stock one works well, since you're tuning it you can get a better one. Pc3 only works on...
  15. Over filling

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    very bad to over fill...wont completely screw ur ride, but it'll leak and break the seals as mentioned above..then you'll ahve to fix it best to drain it again..
  16. Brake calipers, no pressure at lever?

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    bleed them dry!!!
  17. Almost Dragged Knee

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    I admit that was a dumb thing to do... glad you dindt have an accident though, shoudl keep that stuff on teh track. And pretty much all u had to do was lay a knee out and you pretty much could've knee dragged..only if u have on proper gear. And since u did that turn i'm guessing you're decent in...
  18. 2008 Clutchless Shifts

    Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    clutchless downshifting is not reccomended but is doable, as for clutchless upshifting it is fine even for bikes without slipper clutch. The only thing i reccomend is DO NOT DO CLUTCHLESS SHIFTING INTO 2nd, but other than that i think its better for the bike cuz u dont ride the clutch as much...
  19. Bike turning off

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    uhh.. well is it cold where u live? or is ur bike parked somewhere cold, but that's shoud be the problem jsut turn ur idle a bit higher quick fix.
  20. Akrapovic Full Racing System

    Exhaust and fuel delivery
    well, if u want performace a full exhaust with tuning, maybe pc3...but if u want sound and slight performance increase then a slip on would work fine. for the sound clips i usually go on youtube.
1-20 of 78 Results