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Hello I change my engine r6 2006 for a 2009 and all good only that it makes a sound always when turning on that lasts 2 seconds as the mechanic the scanner detects a spark advance but the bike works well she has all the electrical installation of the 2006
Selling tank with fuel pump and gytr carbon fiber protector also the front part of the tank with the 50th anniversary badge has a small dent barely noticeable plastics has some scuffs nothing is broken pm me with any questions I would rather keep it local but. If buyer pays shipping I might...
This bike was a mess whin I bought it from a friend who got it for parts from a wecking yard the previous owner died on it now I have it for about five years it's been great till just last night I dropped it and it had some wireing issues the bike cranks till I will the battery but won't start
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