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Lots of adventures.

One accident. T-boned a car at low speed. My bf was riding in the back and was ejected up and over me landing on his feet running into oncoming traffic.

I held tight. Wasn't letting my bike go down again. (People knocking it over in parking lots, me dumping it because I didn't know how to use the front brake correctly on Sacramento St in San Francisco.

Those who know this street know that a newbie should be very cautious or learn hills better before attempting a turn off this street going 5-10mph. Dump.

The cool part about dumping your bike in San Francisco is that men will appear out of no where in second to assist.

The funny part about dumping my bike on Sacramento St is that when all the heros arrived to save my day, one of them didn't know how to help, so he grabbed onto my mirror. On the count of one, two, threeeee. Up came the bike and also the arms of this poor man who held his trophy; my mirror high above his head.

I was instantly annoyed but quickly nipped it. How can I be mad. These guys owed me nothing. They came to my rescue. I lmao, we all did. Funny poop.

The T-bone totaled
The bike but I was still able to drive drove away with the wheel slightly angled to my right or was it left? Had to cross the bay bridge to get home. It was in a shady place at 2:30am and wasn't about to linger more than exchanging ID and Insurance information.

A seven month wiring problem that left me stranded more times than I can count.

Once for three days and two night on New Years Eve in Turlock. It was my first road trip with my ex boyfriend.

it was (supposed to be) our first lonnnng road trip/vacation. We had airbnb's reserved first in Fresno and then the following night in Paso Robles.

There would be a bottle of wine on ice for us to enjoy while we relaxed our tired and cold bodies in the beautiful bubbling hot tub.
Yeah right! More like fight off the zombies who offered to help us but tried to steal out bikes.

A couple of other times overnight, once in a deserted industrial parking lot, and the out in the cow patties, literally had to sit on them most of the night a weekly fun night at Pacheco Bowling Alley.

These were all winter break downs. It was thirty-seven degrees in Turlock. It took three days for fingers and toes to feel normal again.

Am I complaining? Heck no! All situations that make up my adventurous life.
2000 Yamaha YZF-R6 (Blue)


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