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  1. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I recently received an 09 r6s swingarm, It was supposed to be an R6 swingarm but was mislabeled. Without modification would this work? Would this negatively affect handling? I Plan on taking this bike to the track so I don't want to ruin the geometry of the bike. I've been trying to find these...
  2. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Hey so im kind of new here so please excuse if im posting in the wrong area or anything but i just bought an 07 r6 and the exhaust looks cut in the y-pipe section right before you get to the slip on clamp. I have a picture and can get more if necessary. Does this have something to do with a CAT...
  3. 09 19 08 015

  4. 100 0971

  5. 100 0974

  6. Brand new 07 r6

    I just got the bike home from the dealership. bone stock.
  7. 07 R6 Big Brother 05 Repso

    Dunlop Qualifier w/1000 miles.. shit. Dunlop would not replace them. bastards, cost me $200 to replace at dealer. no burnout done, just canyons
  8. 07 R6 Big Brother 05 Repso

    My cuzn's CBR1000 Repso Next to it. which is sexier
  9. 07 R6 Big Brother 05 Repso

    So heres me R6, when i first got it, like 2 months back. on back of a Honda Ridgeline
1-13 of 13 Results