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  1. Bike Parts For Sale
    I have a list of first generation (99-02) Yamaha YZF-R6 parts for sale. Willing to ship. Prices listed or best offer. More parts purchased = better package deal as we both save money on shipping costs. Please PM me for specific pictures or to learn more information. OEM complete / full wiring...
  2. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Im currently rebuilding my 02 r6.I had went back to college, so my dad took my block from a shop to measure the bore to a place called Magic Motorsports to get the cylinders honed. Turns out they did it with a hand drill, and now there are some scratches that really worry me. Most of it feels...
  3. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I'm about to start rebuilding my 2002 r6 engine. I know the dogs are going on second gear, and the threads on the output shaft are messed up. I'm looking to replace it with a newer gearbox, but I'm not sure what years will work with it. I'm currently looking at a full 2009 r6 gearbox on ebay...
1-6 of 6 Results