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2004 r6

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    Hey guys, My 2004 R6 is unstable at idle speed. It drops to ~1000rpm from ~1300-1400rpm for some seconds and it seemed one piston is not working properly. When I start moving, under 3000rpm it shake a bit but above it goes back to normal. I changed the spark plugs and after that it was working...
  2. General Discussions
    Today I sarted having problems with my 2004 R6. It’s fluttering when I take off and accelerate especially Around 1000-2500 and 6000-8000 rpm. I’m thinking coils or maybe spark plugs
  3. 2004 R6

    2004 R6

    This is my 2004 R6, Just replaced all the fairings, painted the tank, added accent lighting, and velocity stacks for a little extra kick on the high end.