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  1. New Member Section
    Looking for some people to ride with in Gauteng. Struggling to find groups on social media. Would love to join local Yamaha enthusiast groups. Any advise is welcome! P.s. I have a Cherry Red 07 R6s :)
  2. General Discussions
    I own a 2006 R6S and a 2007 R6. Yes, the R6 is slightly faster and it's a better track bike. But in my personal opinion, the R6S is plenty fast, it handles better, is more comfortable, and is way better for the street. I like both bikes and I ride them both all the time on the street and in the...
  3. Bike Build Forum
    I was tightening my clutch screws and one just snapped. Im trying to find a part number or something for the thing the clutch screw goes into. Do I have to buy a whole new inner basket or could I just order this one little part somewhere?
  4. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello all, I could use some assistance troubleshooting my throttle position sensor issue. My 2007 R6 track bike and I were involved in a high speed wreck 3 years ago and I'm just now putting it back together. I got it all buttoned up and took it out for a shakedown run and noticed it bogging...
1-4 of 4 Results