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  1. Bikes + Parts + Gear Wanted
    Looking to buy 2017 black stock fairings
  2. 20201114_120458.jpg

    2009 r6 converted to 2017
  3. General Discussions
    Does anyone ride in any mode other than A mode? I have a 2020 I purchased in July, I've put 5900mi on her. Less than 5 miles have been in Standard or B mode. The only reason for the 5 miles was riding home from the dealership, it was in standard. Thought the bike felt off, changed it to A and...
  4. General Discussions
    Im looking for a tail bag for my 2019 R6 does anyone have any recommendations for a good bag that can hold a change of cloths and a face shield with a few other odds and ends?
  5. Product Reviews
    Hello all! I recently purchased the fender eliminator offered by T-rex racing for 2017 and above model year Yamaha R6. I checked the forum after I ordered it and found no thread about it, so I had an after thought after completing the install that this is a great opportunity to write a review...
  6. Bike Build Forum
    Hey Everyone :D I just purchased a 2017 R6 USA Model that someone imported on his own (In my country they sell only the European model). I read the differences are mainly cosmetic & some accessories for being "green". So by putting a full system with open filter & PCV, I removed those...
1-6 of 6 Results