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  1. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Ok.. here we go I’ve got a 2005 R6, K&N filter, block off plates, 9” delkevic exhaust with mid pipe. When I bought the bike well over a year ago it had 3 OEM ignition coils and one DENSO coil (assuming it came off a 03-04) I recently purchased a used PC3USB to get the air fuel ratio correct...
  2. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Hi everyone, recently I have installed an Austin racing 3/4 system on my 2020 R6 along with AIS block off plates, and a BMC air filter. While doing the mods I sent out my ECU to bauce racing to get it flashed for the upgrades and I rode the bike for the first time a couple days ago and...
  3. 05 R6 Dyno

    My 05 R6 Dyno Run July 2006
1-3 of 3 Results