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  1. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello all, I have a 2003 R6 with 16k miles. Here's the issue. I've had an idle that been slightly rough but I fixed with some new plugs and coils withing the last 500 miles. Recently, I've had an issue where once my bike got above 190, every time I would pull in the clutch or put it in neutral...
  2. Garage / Mechanical Help
    So here's an interesting one, something that I've been trying to work out for months and I'm at the end of my rope. So I have an 03 R6 with 16k on the engine and most of the parts. I've had this issue that makes the bike feel like I'm riding my 300, up until about 7k RPM. Here's what I've done...
  3. General Discussions
    I have recently been filling up on 89 close to home and eyeballing some octane booster in the tank... bike has been running great! But is this a bad practice? Can I use too much? Long-term effects of too high octane in fuel? Does anyone have any input? Facts, or opinions, I wanna hear them! Thanks!
  4. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Pulled the two fuel lines from under my gas tank in order to test fuel pump and both ports are steadily leaking fuel as soon as I pull the lines, and continues as long as fuel is in the tank. Is that normal?
  5. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey everyone! I am in need of help. I was at the track a few days ago and my I had no power after the first corner. opened up the bike and saw the fuel injector fuse had blown which was the cause. However, after replacing the fuse, it starts and revs fine at a standstill, but once I got moving...
  6. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Hi, I am looking for any information in regards to the expected fuel pressure for a 2018/2019 R6, or even any other year. I have a service manual for a 2016 but it does not call out any specs on pressure. From my understanding, these fuel pumps are internally regulated and returnless. I am a...
  7. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    I have a 2008 rs6, so basically and 04 r6, and it was sitting up awhile and I took everything apart and cleaned injectors, fuel rail, tank. Ik it’s getting spark on all 4. Anyway it wouldn’t run. It would run for a second or 2 then die. Sometimes nothing. I hooked up a fuel pressure tester to it...
  8. New Member Section
    Hey, I have an 07 yzf-r6. I am pretty sure it has bad gas in it and I removed the tank to drain it, but knocked my bike over and broke this piece off. I'm new to bikes and don't know what to do! What is it called? Do I have to replace the whole tank? Can I use a plastic epoxy to fix it? Any info...
1-8 of 8 Results