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  1. Appearance and Exterior Mods
    So I know some hate the single light low beam as well as the only headlights working when bike is running. So with that said when I got my bike the wiring was hacked. I found the color wiring and all that but still couldn’t get headlights to work through the supposed to wiring. Well I went and...
  2. Appearance and Exterior Mods
    Hi guys, im a new R6 owner, have a 2004 R6, and have read posts here about the headlight conversion as im not a fan of the single light. I am noticing though that most posts are several years old and a few people with solutions are no longer active. Is there anyone UK based that can do this...
  3. Garage / Mechanical Help
    When the bike is running I'm pushing 18v to the headlights, which are blowing my bulbs. What's causing this?
  4. General Discussions
    I have a 2005 r6 I just bought this year. Bike has been pretty solid. I ride with my high beams on at all times so I never flip the switch. I don't really ride at night so its just always on. Well the other day, I noticed my head lights were off & would not come back on. I turned the bike off &...
  5. General Discussions
    I got a set of demon /angel eyes and I can get power to them at all just to the rings and the red but not (white ) low beam n high beam so I know they work but somewhere down the harness it’s not working and I don’t think it’s the ballas but might be wrong I think it’s the wiring control harness...
  6. Bikes + Parts + Gear Wanted
    Looking for a usable condition headlight assembly for a 99-02 model (gen 1). Ebay has these bad boys for $200+. Would like to avoid buying a new/who knows if it fits Chinese product. Looking for OEM in decent condition.
1-9 of 9 Results