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  1. Garage / Mechanical Help
    03 R6 Would like a recommendation on some Budget Friendly Coils please. Thanks
  2. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Pulled the two fuel lines from under my gas tank in order to test fuel pump and both ports are steadily leaking fuel as soon as I pull the lines, and continues as long as fuel is in the tank. Is that normal?
  3. Appearance and Exterior Mods
    Hi you beautiful and intelligent r6 people !!! I'm trying to replace my front indicators as I've already done the rear... How do you access them ? 😂 I'm guessing I'm going to have to take the fairing off ? Any advise and pics or vids would be appreciated
  4. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I need help with my 2005 Yamaha R6 . Brand new to biking and just trying to reach out for help. Give me a call at 602 461 9526
  5. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey everyone! I have a 2008 R6S with about 55k miles on it. I know it’s a lot but the bike has sentimental value which is why I’m trying to get it running. Currently I have a no start issue, with error codes 14, 15, 19, 20, 22, 30, 46… Did a bunch of research to understand what these mean, but...
  6. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello! I'm having a 2007 R6R with 38K miles on it. Here's what's been doing lately: - Rough idle: When it's too cold out, the bike idles rough and until it heats up it stabilizes. - Choppy riding: I don't seem to have any issues on low RPMs. But here's the funny part, I can't be on a constant...
  7. Suspension settings
    I purchased a hotbodies mgp growler from revzilla. The pipe doesn't fit so I called hot bodies and they said they couldn't do anything. Anyone else have the same problem with theirs?
  8. Garage / Mechanical Help
    So I recently did an oil change on my 08 R6 with a K&N 204-1 filter and 10w-40 from Motul 1 where I accidentally over filled it on my first run. Had it smoking on me on my test ride (around 4-5mins). I immediately drained the proper amount of oil to around half dipstick level~ but after another...
  9. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I'm trying to figure out why my bike wont go in Neutral while on, to go to neutral. I have to turn off the bike and then it works. I'm pulling in the clutch lever all the way and doing everything right. My half step in fine because it does shift to neutral while off. Just not while on. Is this a...
  10. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey everybody! So here's the deal got an 08' r6r. She's got 50k miles on her. Bought it at 34k. Pretty stock bike. No tune, slip on exhaust, and still has stock headers and cat. As soon as I bought it I went in to do the usual tune-up stuff. Got in to do valve clearances and found that my...
  11. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Previously I was having misfires at low RPMs so I change all the spark plugs on my 2005 Yamaha R6. After I changed them the misfires went away but now when I get it up to 80 to 90mph it stops accelerating and sometime would shut off the engine. Could this be due to a loose spark plug or could...
  12. Garage / Mechanical Help
    i feel as if it is not getting enough fuel. it shuts off after full throttle, and is sluggish and boggy. when first take off it does good in 1st gear but when i shift into second, it doesn't like it and is slow and choppy. but after riding it it does it in all the gears and will shut off...
  13. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    I have a 2008 rs6, so basically and 04 r6, and it was sitting up awhile and I took everything apart and cleaned injectors, fuel rail, tank. Ik it’s getting spark on all 4. Anyway it wouldn’t run. It would run for a second or 2 then die. Sometimes nothing. I hooked up a fuel pressure tester to it...
  14. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    I just installed the Akrapovic headers for my bike while my ECU is out to Bauce for tuning. I went to put the stock can back on and it fits, but I don't see a way to clamp it onto the headers. Any recommendations? I like the look of the stock slip-on and would prefer to keep it if possible, but...
  15. Garage / Mechanical Help
    My 2006 R6 has an idle issue and I don't know what the problem would be. It starts up fine but when it reaches 104 F it dies then has a hard time starting again and when it does start I have to keep the throttle open a little so it doesn't stall. and on hot days when its running at 185 F it...
  16. General Discussions
    Hi there, I recently picked up a 2005 R6 Raven (+10HP at night :ROFLMAO:). It has 31,000 Miles on it. I want to be sure to check the valves. The valve cover bolts look as if they've been opened. But i'm not trusting that it was done. I'm fairly mechanically inclined (at least car wise). I...
  17. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    I went to adjust my valve clearances instead of paying $600 but just checked them and they were within spec. But now that I got the spark plugs in the Ignition cables in the valve cover on And the throttle bodies and Air filter Box back on I'm lost. I somehow messed up. The 2nd pic is of 2 rad...
  18. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    I adjusted my own valve clearances because mechanic wanted to charge me $600. Well actually I didn't adjust them I just checked them and they were within spec. But now that I got the spark plugs in the Ignition cables in the valve cover on And the throttle bodies and Air filter Box back on I'm...
  19. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I'm wanting to put in a steering damper on my 2010 R6 which requires me to move the iginition barrel to be able to have clearance. For the life of me I cannot find anything only to help me understand the process of relocating it. (image of reference)
  20. Bike Build Forum
    Hello everyone, I can not figure out how to remove my right side rearset off of my bike as the rear brake is there. I have a 2006 Yamaha R6 and any help would be greatly appreciated.
1-20 of 27 Results