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  1. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hi all, I just installed a dyno jet quick shifter on my 2004 Yamaha r6. The issue is that when I go to shift up, it will hit the sensor, triggering the throttle cut, but it is not shifting into gear as it should. When I use the clutch it shifts fine. It almost seems that as I click up on the...
  2. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Just got a pull style dynojet quickshifter. Looking for anyone with experience setting up the shift kill times. Rpm/shift kill combinations if there is a difference in rpm and time it should be set to. Looks like the lowest limit is 4K but there is no standard on the milliseconds of time. Thanks
  3. Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    Hi all, I’m trying to get a quickshifter with auto-blip kit for my 2017 R6. I was considering the HM Stand Alone Blipper Shifter but I was told that the auto-blip function is a bit wonky and only works sometimes. I’ve been recommended the Woolich Race Tools kit (without launch control and the...
  4. Track Tech & Riding Techniques
    So I have a question, my 2014 Yamaha R6 lurches forward whenever I shift from 4-3 3-2 and 2-1 but 6-5 and 5-4 is perfectly fine when I downshift, I’ve tried adjusting the settings but nothing seems to change it or make it better. Only times I notice it doesn’t lurch forward is when I’m...
  5. General Discussions
    Hi everyone! I recently got my hands on the Translogic Blip Assist (TLS-BA4.2-R6-DCS-108) and quickshifter (TLS-QSXI-YK-ECU) for my 2019 R6 I was looking at some install and review videos on YouTube and came across this review by Cruz On Twos at 3:35 He mentions that the 2017+ R6 has the QS...
  6. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey all, I’m not the most mechanically inclined but have learned some through simply owning and working on my own bike. I currently have a 2017 R6, first of the new remodel, but having some problems with my revs being off. Here’s the situation: Got a new mid pipe so that I could cut my CAT out...
1-6 of 6 Results