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  1. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Okay so bought an 2003 R6 at the start of summer with a flashing gas light, previous owner “said” it happened after refueling so could be a sensor or connector. I checked all connections under tank and nothing unplugged. Anyways rode all summer with no issue other than not knowing when the tank...
  2. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey all 2006 r6 anniversary edition. Showed up with the wire harness unplugged and just need help to identify this one plug that I can’t seem to find. Any help would be appreciated (pictures below)
  3. Bike Parts For Sale
    A set of clean, straight OEM forks for sale. Just flushed the oil out and replace with new oil. stock spring rate Perfect working condition.
    $600 USD
  4. Bikes + Parts + Gear Wanted
    Hello... I'm looking for a used, but straight, 2017 R6 front wheel. If anyone has one for sale, please pm me. Thank you! 👍
  5. General Discussions
    been looking into them but they honestly look like the same bike does anyone know the difference if they have any?
  6. General Discussions
    Hello guys help me please tell me from which machine the oil scraper caps are suitable for Yamaha R6 2006 2007 ? size as an alternative
  7. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello guys. i'm new here First time. my name is Remzi i am from Baku city. have a 2006 yamaha r6, they recently assembled the motor for new parts. I have a problem: I’m going to 4th gear, let’s let it go if I press the clutch and let off the gas, the motor stalls, it doesn’t hold idle. start...
  8. Bike Parts For Sale
    $600 shipped, no outrageous lowballs please. It is practically brand new. Installed less than one month ago (01/25/22). I have pictures and receipts to prove the date if needed. I loved the unit however I ended up getting a different top triple that didn't allow it to be mounted in the same...
    $600 USD
  9. Bikes For Sale
    2007 R6, track and street. Clear title in my name. Bike is primarily my track/race bike with street fairings and wheel set used for occasional street riding. Has 16.5k miles and is mechanically in great condition. Comes with: Yellow track fairings. Just worn from use and could use new paint...
    $5,500 USD
  10. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I have a 2001 R6 with a blown motor and I want to know if I can put a 2008 why is he a r f motor in it
  11. Bike Parts For Sale
    17-21 R6 Ohlins TTX-GP. Rear shock - 51/150/90(Y). Rear spring part # 21041-29. 300 miles on the shock. Asking $1200 shipped in US.
  12. Garage / Mechanical Help
    The problem exists on a 2001 R6 (carbureted). It has an aftermarket exhaust as well as a K&N air filter with proper pilot screw adjustment to account for the aftermarket parts (3 1/4 turns, just about) We first replaced the Rectifier Regulator after diagnosing it for its charging issue. It ran...
  13. General Discussions
    Recently bought a 2004 r6 and found that the previous owner did a -1/+2 sprocket swap and 520 conversion, just wondering what the top speed of the bike is with this gearing?
  14. General Discussions
    I have a 2006 R6S. I don't really like the tail much since it a last gen style but I do like the "bee" style tail of the 06 R6. Has anyone swapped out the tails? I'm guessing the dimensions of the subframes would be off by a few millimeters. I don't really want to spend a couple hundo on an R6...
  15. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey, since a few weeks I have the following problem with my R6 RJ15 which has 18000 km: After a cold start the bike has hardly any power, stutters extremely and sounds like it is choking. Wenn i give it gas several times or let it warm up a bit longer, it runs normal again. I thought it might...
  16. Garage / Mechanical Help
    I recently received an 09 r6s swingarm, It was supposed to be an R6 swingarm but was mislabeled. Without modification would this work? Would this negatively affect handling? I Plan on taking this bike to the track so I don't want to ruin the geometry of the bike. I've been trying to find these...
  17. Garage / Mechanical Help
    i feel as if it is not getting enough fuel. it shuts off after full throttle, and is sluggish and boggy. when first take off it does good in 1st gear but when i shift into second, it doesn't like it and is slow and choppy. but after riding it it does it in all the gears and will shut off...
  18. General Discussions
    What’s the easiest way to fix a crankcase hole caused by the chain falling off ? I have a new motor and this one is just sitting collecting dust
1-18 of 135 Results