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    2009 r6 converted to 2017
  2. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello, bought a 05 r6 that had been laid down. I need new forks because they are bent. My question is what years will fit my 05, i got inverted forks. I read somewhere that 06/07 will not fit because thay are shorter ? And that 08-16 will be a direct swap. Will my front wheel (05) and calipers...
  3. Bikes For Sale
    Hi there, Up for sale is a 2003 Yamaha R6 with 22k miles on the odometer. Maintenance: The bike has been maintained well in the past year that I’ve owned it. Oil changes with Motul 300V, brake fluid with Motul RBF600, and coolant flush with EngineIce. Forks are in great condition and do not...
  4. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    What’s going on everyone, I’m hoping I can get some advice on my testing that I’ve done to see if I’m missing something. My bike has 2,400 miles on it. This spring I brought it out of storage and had an issue where it was running really rough at idle, when throttling up it ran much better. A few...
  5. Garage / Mechanical Help
    As the title indicates, the bike does not pull in gear - at all. I can put it in gear and it sounds just fine and feels right, but when i let go of the clutch nothing happens. However when i start to roll it or let it roll by itself, in gear or not, it makes a weird noise, probably some broken...
  6. Garage / Mechanical Help
    rode it over to my ma's house, always starts perfect, every day. It rained heavy for a hour and when I went to leave it won't start. All the lights light up, fuel pump kicks in, but when I go to press the button to start it, it lights up the check engine light when I press it then goes away when...
  7. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Hello! Currently I have a '09 R6, installed a M4 GP slip on, I was thinking of replacing the midpipe but not too sure of my options. Also was looking to do a cat delete whenever possible, the bike isn't too loud currently, just wanted a bit more. What're good options/products/changes that'll...
  8. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    I adjusted my own valve clearances because mechanic wanted to charge me $600. Well actually I didn't adjust them I just checked them and they were within spec. But now that I got the spark plugs in the Ignition cables in the valve cover on And the throttle bodies and Air filter Box back on I'm...
  9. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey guys need ya help. I left my motorcycle outside last night not knowing it was going to rain. Ended up being a real horrible thunder storm. It turned on just fine as I was leaving for work but quickly died out after a couple seconds. I bought a new battery, spark plugs added fresh fuel and...
  10. Garage / Mechanical Help
    So I got this 09 R6 off my brother in law, needs some work, issue I can’t figure out is when the bike is running, idling, it’s sounds perfect healthy, however. If you rev it up, it will stop and you can hold it right around 3k. It will not rev up any higher, to me, being a car guy as well, it...
  11. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hey So I have a 2016 R6 and the handlbar is rotating/spinning on the non throttle side. In the attached pic I circled to show where it is spinning to confirm it isn't just the grip. Any idea on the cause and fix? I've searched around but may not be using the correct terminology as I haven't...
  12. General Discussions
    Is this a backwards thread bolt or is it just regular? I've found that it's a 36 mm that fits it after going back and forth many times to the auto parts store......any info would be appreciated thanks...
  13. Garage / Mechanical Help
    OK so my 2003 r6 keeps shutting off. The engine dies and the lights turn off even when the key is on. I have to take the seat off and wiggle the main fuse for it to turn back on. Could it be a bad starter or an extra ground connection? Has anyone had this problem before?
  14. Bikes For Sale
    2009 Yamaha YZF-R6 with only 9,800 original miles! Clean bike. Clean title in hand Fresh professional vinyl wrap job with Avery Dennison. Two brothers slip on exhaust (slightly scratched see pics) Shorty brake and clutch leavers Black rear sets Tinted windscreen Recently maintained Could use new...
  15. Bike Build Forum
    Hello everyone, I can not figure out how to remove my right side rearset off of my bike as the rear brake is there. I have a 2006 Yamaha R6 and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. General Discussions
    Hello, this is my first post here so I apologise if I post in the wrong place or if this question has been asked a million times already. I'm looking to get an R6 as I want to get a bike with little less cc than I had previously (gpz 900r, and a yamaha tdm (the latter one I really didn't like)...
  17. Bike Build Forum
    I recently bought a 2006 r6 that is completely stock except for tailgate eliminator and levers. I was wondering what are some mods that I need to do. I am on a budget so nothing too crazy
  18. First R6 - 2001

    First R6 - 2001

    Whats up guys, I just bought my first motorcycle.. finally.. And she's a beaut ;)
  19. First R6 - 2001

    First R6 - 2001

    Whats up guys, I just bought my first motorcycle.. finally.. And she's a beaut ;)
  20. 2k9 Yamaha R6

    2k9 Yamaha R6

    My bike