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  1. 2002 gearbox replacement

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    I'm about to start rebuilding my 2002 r6 engine. I know the dogs are going on second gear, and the threads on the output shaft are messed up. I'm looking to replace it with a newer gearbox, but I'm not sure what years will work with it. I'm currently looking at a full 2009 r6 gearbox on ebay...
  2. Inherited 08 R6 inspected write off?!

    Bike Build Forum
    Hey all First time poster here so if I’m in the wrong place I’m sure you’ll let me know. I’ve inherited an 08 R6 from a good friend of mine who’s had to move back home to NZ. I’ve been informed it was a write off and apparently is worth **** all even though it’s been repaired and inspected(...