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  1. Garage / Mechanical Help
    My son has a Yamaha 2012 yzf r6 50 year anniversary edition bike. He blew the motor like 2 weeks after buying it. We are looking for a new used one. Would the following work: 2015 Yamaha YZF R6 YZF R6 YZFR6 Or does anyone know where we can get one with low mileage. Thanks for help.
  2. General Discussions
    Hey all, what is the best way to find a replacement engine for a 09 R6R. I get that anything from 08 to 14 will work but what's the best way to find and acquire one? Looked at flea-bay with slim pickings, trolling salvage yards, and tried joining a motorcycle club (pushing my bike to the...
1-2 of 2 Results