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  1. Nightmare wiring - burnout! Any advice?

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    I’ve bought a Yamaha R6 2CO 2006 and rewired the back lights and indicators. Unfortunately, the previous owner had the wrong fuse in the fuse box (front left). This caused an electrical fire along the harness and a burnt fuse. I’ve bought an entire new harness that matches perfectly but I...
  2. Wiring for power comander connection as well as v10a fuse

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    I was wondering what the correct connection to the battery for the power commander was, currently it is connected to the negative of the battery. Also, I have a strange cable with the only label being "10A fuse" that is only connected to the plus and negative to the battery and nothing else. I...
  3. 08R6 Progressive Shift light installation; Need help with wiring

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello my fellow R6 fans! I want to install an additional progressive Shift light on my 08 R6. Therefor I need: a wire with +12v a wire with Ground a wire with RPM Signal I tried to figure it out myself with the official r6 maintenance instructions but I’m unable to understand the circuit...