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wont start

  1. 09 R6 Won’t Start, Clicks but slows down

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello! I’m having issues with my 2009 R6, it turned on like usual today, after 5 minutes of being on I hit the kill switch, and I didn’t turn off the ignition, let it sit for about 10 minutes, went to start it but it just clicks, it goes for about 2 clicks trying to start then gets slower and...
  2. 04 r6 Wont start after heavy rain!

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    rode it over to my ma's house, always starts perfect, every day. It rained heavy for a hour and when I went to leave it won't start. All the lights light up, fuel pump kicks in, but when I go to press the button to start it, it lights up the check engine light when I press it then goes away when...
  3. Bike fell over in the middle of the night in high winds and rain now it won't start.

    Garage / Mechanical Help
    I had my 2004 Yamaha R6 sitting out in the lot and there were heavy winds and rain over the night but the bike was covered. I think the wind somehow caught the cover and acted as a parachute and pulled the bike over because it was laying down on the opposite side of the stand. The bike was...