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  1. General Discussions
    I bought this 2006 r6 with 30k miles a couple months ago. All was well until it died on me a week or so ago. It died like it ran out of fuel, it shut off when rolling to a stop, it started a couple times after that but only ran for like 2 secs before shutting off and now it is just dead...
  2. Appearance and Exterior Mods
    I have a 2000 r6 and the guy before me bodged a 03 tail light in 😕 and its a bit of a hack job... would a 03 rear end fit a 00 ?
  3. Bike Parts For Sale
    Had these for 300 miles, went back to stock levers. Sold as a set, black asv shortys, $150 plus shipping in USA.
    $150 USD
  4. Garage / Mechanical Help
    My son has a Yamaha 2012 yzf r6 50 year anniversary edition bike. He blew the motor like 2 weeks after buying it. We are looking for a new used one. Would the following work: 2015 Yamaha YZF R6 YZF R6 YZFR6 Or does anyone know where we can get one with low mileage. Thanks for help.
  5. Exhaust and fuel delivery
    Hello all, I have a 2018 R6, just recently I did a full exhaust swap to a Yoshimura AT2, with a K and N air filter, Graves block off plates, added a servo buddy, removed the o2 sensor and added a PC5. FYI I did the install myself. The first time I took it out, no problem. Honesty felt amazing...
  6. General Discussions
    been looking into them but they honestly look like the same bike does anyone know the difference if they have any?
  7. General Discussions
    Hello guys help me please tell me from which machine the oil scraper caps are suitable for Yamaha R6 2006 2007 ? size as an alternative
  8. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hello guys. i'm new here First time. my name is Remzi i am from Baku city. have a 2006 yamaha r6, they recently assembled the motor for new parts. I have a problem: I’m going to 4th gear, let’s let it go if I press the clutch and let off the gas, the motor stalls, it doesn’t hold idle. start...
  9. Bought Bought

    Bikes + Parts + Gear Wanted
    Looking for oem quickshifter for my 2017 R6
  10. General Discussions
    Hey there! I just bought a 2018 Yamaha R6 and I am wondering which would be the best option regarding frame sliders. I am between two options: Shogun Frame Sliders Yamaha R6 2017-2020 - $179.99 (there is no need to cut the fairings) Yamaha Slim Design Frame Sliders R6 2017-2020 - $179.99...
  11. Garage / Mechanical Help
    getting code 12.. here is a youtube video of what I have done so farrr... :/
  12. Garage / Mechanical Help
    Hi all, So I had my Yamaha R6 1999 for quite few years left in the garage as had no time to ride. I finally decided to bring it back to life. First the bike wouldn’t start as the battery was totally flat. Tried charging it but it doesn’t show any signs of life. Bought new battery and replaced...
  13. General Discussions
    I have a 2006 R6S. I don't really like the tail much since it a last gen style but I do like the "bee" style tail of the 06 R6. Has anyone swapped out the tails? I'm guessing the dimensions of the subframes would be off by a few millimeters. I don't really want to spend a couple hundo on an R6...
  14. Appearance and Exterior Mods
    I just ordered new fairings for my 09 R6 from Aumotorfairing.com they seem legit to me. Im trying to get some feedback on quality and shipping. If anyone's ordered from them I'd appreciate the feedback. Thnx
  15. General Discussions
    So I purchased this bike just last summer and it ran fine all the time until one day this just popped up. When I cold start it, it runs perfectly ok but then consistently once it reaches an engine temp of around 130 degrees, it starts kind of stuttering and the RPM suddenly drops. If I give it...
  16. Riding With My Girls Sister

    Just got a new 2012 R6 last Friday. Went out for a late nite ride with my girls sister, her bike is a 2012 GXSR 1000.the R6 is my first bike I deff respect the power. She let me try out her 1000 the torque is crazy.
  17. Noons' R6

    Picture taken at Troodos in cyprus.
1-20 of 25 Results