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Bought a Vance & Hines S4 Titanium slip-on today off ebay new. Seller advertised it fitting 99-02 01 R6's, plus manufacture website says the same.

Problem is the mid pipe is too big around to fit snug on the pipe from the motor. I'm not sure what to do, but I want it to fit right. Can anyone help with any suggestions?

I noticed in the stock exhaust there is like a insert inside the exhaust made of braided wire that seemed to be what keeps the exhaust snug and tight, but when I tried removing that with needle nose I really mangled it up so its of no good now.

Also what effect does that have on performance, seeing how it's lose and air is coming out (not a lot, but enough).

Is #8 the part I need? I found it for sale along with the rest of those parts in the image. And will it make the exhaust fit like intended?

Fitting I mangled up. Should this of come with the exhaust? If not, where can I find a new one?
Any help will be appreciated, thanks!
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