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02 r6 question on miles

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Ok so I know this has been talked about but thought I asked anyways what people's thoughts on higher mileage bikes 33,000 is the average miles I see for used bikes is there a reason behind it ? Do they blow up around then ? I know maintenance is a key and what not , but I want to know people's thoughts would it need a rubuild soon ??
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Well hopefully things go well today and everything checks out , it's hard to say when it comes to how the bike was maintained cause the second Onwer could take great care but the first owner beat the hell out of it , plus u never know if it was broken in properly , sorry to hear u got it stolen , ya I looked at cbr but I hate the banana seat , so another question if someone asking 2,400 for 99 with no paper work how much would u offer ?

Getting a title is a pain. It used to be in CA if the vehicle hadn't been register in 7 years, it fell off the CA DMV records and you could file for a "lost title" in your name for $15. I don't know if that is still the case. The catch was that if you inquired about it before it fell out of the system, it would flag it, and it would stay on the system longer.
Sorry didn't mean title as for the bike , more on the lines of like paper work of thing done to the bike service work , motor rebuilds and stuff , ya my buddy just went thru the hole not having a title on a car it's not fun u wait forever
Then $2400 is about what it's worth. Franly, I usually don't care about all that paper when buying a used bike. I would be going through is the same whether the PO told me he had serviced it, or not. (Comp checks, plugs, Valve clearance check, tires, oil, chain/sprockets.....)
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