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Hello guys,

Something very strange has just happened. I went out the back garden for a ciggy and could hear a noise, checked my bike and the rad fan was running.... ? It hasn't been ran for 7 hours, the fan wasn't on when i turned the engine off 7 hours ago and when I let my dog out a few hours ago it also wasn't turning. I put the key in and attempted to turn the ignition on and got dul lights for a second then nothing, turn key off and back on dul lights for a sec then nothing... fan still running during all of this time.

I've had to disconnect the battery to stop it!

So currently the bike won't run.

I'm at my wits end as i'm about to replace the coils, plugs and air filter due to intermittent idling issues / loss of power daily with it almost firing on 2 (or at least giving that feeling).

Please help :(
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