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Hi everyone.. My buddy gave up his 03 (Black with Red Flames) R6 to me for about USD1k

He will permanently be stationed in Dubai so he sold it for me, cheap.


Bike starts fine

From time to time, engine light comes on but then goes away after 5minutes of regular riding

Changed oil and oil filter

Haven't had enough time to check the infamous issue of the ignition coil

Bike doesn't accelerate smoothly, often times back firing when ridden hard.

Idle plays around 1.2 - 1.5k sporadically,

It jolts, and often times looses stability under low revs (4k below)

After reading, im almost sure that it is the ignition coils.

Ill do more tests (Spraying water on the headers, check the actual coils)


1. Can you recommend a good website where I can buy the caps?

2. Do I need to replace just the caps or the entire thing? I'm from Manila, so i'm going to need a site that delivers to the Philippines..

3. Is this something that I can do on my own? (Granted with the proper tools) I'd rank myself 4 in a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest in engine/electrical literacy.

Appreciate all the help, thank you. :)
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