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I have a 03 R6 - 26k miles. no power commander or anything.

The original tps started going from 17-97 to 20-97.. and would cause my bike to idle wierd and die when I pulled the clutch in.. tried cleaning it, still was grimey, specs read 18-96 at first until warmed up and changed to 21-96.

Bike would run find when cold, but once warmed up start to lag, power loss, and crappy idle. So I changed it out for a newer tps with only 1k miles... and could never get it anywhere near spec so disregarded using it for a long time. Finally just recently, I was able to get 17-96 or 97 spec and my bike finally ran great for over a 30 min ride (never was able to ride that long with the old tps without issues.)

So I took it to work today, no problem going 25 miles there. One the way back about 20 miles in... the lagging came back, bike took a shit, barely made it home. Checked the tps and it read 20-97. Let it cool down to 140, checked it again and reads 22-97. WTF! Dont want to buy another TPS if this is going to happen again.. any suggestions?

I owe you big time. my 350z is currently out on a clutch sensor issue, so I am hopeless at the moment.
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