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Hi, firstly I will try my best not to go on and on about how Honda have been messing me around recently and try to keep this to the point but I will give you a bit of background info. In return I'm hoping that someone has experienced similar issues with their bike and might be able to point me in the right direction!

I'd also like to apologise in case this has been mentioned previously however I've searched that many different forums and I'm no closer to resolving my problem so I figure asking would be easier.... So here it goes:

Just under a year ago I bought my 2004 R6 from a Honda Dealership where I used to live in Preston. (Yes I know I bought a Yamaha from a Honda Dealer but it was cheap and I was desperate for a bike). I've owned CBR's for the past 8 years and I have to say the R6 is the most fun I've had on a road bike.

I do a lot of motorway driving as I travel around England every fortnight and I noticed that there was a surge in the power when I was cruising in top gear at around 6 - 7000rpm. It felt quite like there was a bit of drag on the bike that would come and go. I took the bike back to them and they charged my £60 to tell me there was nothing wrong with it. As I left the dealer the bike instantly had the same problem and nothing had changed (apart from my bank balance).

I put up with the surge for a few more weeks and went back to Honda and the only thing they could do was offer me a service plan which they later refused me because it's not a Honda, and told me to contact Yamaha, who then told me to go back to where I bought the bike from!

I gave up hope on Preston Honda and continued to put up with the power surge. About a month ago I was staying in the middle of nowhere, looking after a house and on my way to the closest town to pick up some shopping the engine light came on and as I pulled up to the store the bike cut out and wouldn't start again. I bumped it and got it running and about a mile down the road the clock and lights when off and the bike gave up again. When I got the bike back to where I was staying I found out that the error code on the clocks "36 or 46" Was to do with an electrical fault. I found that the plug going into the Reg/Rec had burnt out and I pulled apart the plug and re-wired it with 5 spade connectors. It started first time, the battery seemed to survive and I was on my way. The surge still occurred and I'm quite worried that it's the surge or a bigger problem that caused the Reg/Rec to burn out in the first place.

Over the past week I've noticed the exhaust bubble and backfire a LOT when I'm accelerating and I'm now worried that the problem is getting worse again and as I have a 5 and a half hour drive to do in 4 days I'd like to make it up north in one piece!

I guess my questions are:

Does it sound like I may need a new Reg/Rec?
Do I need to check anything else out?
Has anyone had anything like this before?
Can I file a complaint against Honda for the Sale of Goods Act and selling me a faulty product?

Any help or advice would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this essay!
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