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ok, i have rear suspension that came out of 05 r6 and i have 04 r6.
i was going to replace the rear suspension w/ 05 but there are things that i dont understand.

if u can see the pic, my original shock had different rotation on B, which it sits higher.
so my question is what does that do? does it change the height of the bike or just the stiffness.
my current one has it about all the about 7 clicks to the left of what u see in the pic. so can someone explain what those are and how i can re adjust that.
so what does the bike have an affect by changing the rotation of B and whats the tech. term of that? shim?

and A,C, is for compression and rebound, is that correct?
when i compared to the one that is on my 04 and this new 05 rear shock, they have different settings.

im so sorry for this noob question but im so frustrated.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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