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One day the bike was running fine and the next day I started it up and it ran like shit. Sounded like it was running on 2 cylinders. Took it to a shop and found that the valves floated but they didn't find a reason why it happened. They replaced intake valves in the 1 and 4 pistons and reshimmed it cause it was due. Since I got it back I thought it worked not to bad except the idel would drop 500rpms once the engine tempature came up. Idel does climb up once in a while. Then I started driving it harder and noticed at 12000 or 13000 rpms in every gear quits acclerating fast. It will climb, but barely
Thought maybe cam timing or shimming was out but orginal shop didn't want to bother with it.
Took it to a 2nd shop that verfied that everything was in time and mechanically sound. They think its electrical or sensor. The computer is not flagging any codes. I've swapped CDI box's and it's not the computer. Only other symptoms are that the 1 and 2 pistons heat up before 3 and 4 and discolouration on the 4 spark plug.
Anybody have any idea that will help me get back my SPEEDY bike?
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