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05 brake problem

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Hey guys I recently picked up a 2005 r6 Raven and love it. I will describe this the best that I can. It appears a spacer is missing between the bracket that holds the rear brake caliper and the hub. Because of this clearance between that bracket and the rotor/hub is very tight and makes a clicking noise when you roll the bike, and this is if I don’t tighten the wheel all the way down. Has this happened to anyone? I can get some pictures if that would help.

Problem number 2 is I can’t even get the axle out? That mofo is really stuck and have no clue how to get it out, which is stopping me from working on the brake issue. Any suggestions to this? I’m going to try a small sludge hammer or rubber mallet tonight when I get one. Chains off, nuts loose etc and should slide right out but isn't.

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Everything is good now. The bearing on the right side was SHOT, grinding down the wheel collar making it shorter. B/C that was shorter if i tightened the wheel down the bracket would touch the rotor. It was also grinding up the axle which is why I couldn't get it out.
dam. that sucks. Glad you found out what the problem was.
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