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Yea! It works for any same fork design as the 05-R6. & its that simple how to get one. Just take an old fork oil seal with you to your local super market, & just by eye at 1st, start matching up the bottoms of spray cans to the top face of your oil seal until you get a match where the can's bottom foot print is just smaller than the outside diameter of the oil seal, & as 99.9% of spray cans are designed concave on their bottoms, only the can's small ring foot print will ever touch the seal when driving the seal in position. Once you have seated & clipped in the oil seal, then you can slip in the fork slider, with the lose dust seal ready to wack in place. Your proberly thinking "to get a match" "your kidding me"! But it only took me 15-~20 minutes looking until I found the right fit for my R6, & it was on special for 95c !
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