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'05 R6 what is fact and what is speculation?

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I'm new to this board, mainly because currently I'm riding an 01 gsxr 600 on the track and an 03 gsxr 1000 on the street. Last season I put over 12,000 miles on my street bike this year to date is less then 1200. The reason is I found the track. Now every expendature is backed into a percentage of a new set of tires and all my free time is spent wrenching, riding on the track or counting down the time until I get back on the track. I'm going to start racing next year. I've decided to sell the 600 more then likely for parts(I think it may be worth more that way) and buy an SV 650 to race next year. Also, to race in the C class I'll be selling my gsxr 1000 and buying either an 04 leftover R6 or a brand new 05 R6. The last three bikes I've owned have been Suzuki but it is time to move back.(before my gsxr 1000 I owned three FZR 1000's and a 97 YZF 1000).

Ok now that you have a little background. What is fact on the new 2005 R6? I've heard slipper clutch, Radial brakes, undertail exhaust, upside down forks, 110+ hp out of the box etc etc etc. All stories contradicting one another but everyone telling me they know this or that for fact. Depending on how dramatic the new 05 is will decide which year I buy.

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Z-man?? Where did you get that?? Where are you from?
Last name begins with the letter Z, I'm from NJ. Why do you ask?
well i personally beleive its all speculation, but the radial brakes and upside down forks will probably be one of the upgrades they will consider the most
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