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Hello all,

I've purchased some Woodcraft frame sliders for my 05 R6 but I'm a bit confused as to where to install them. I put up a picture on my website that shows the possible locations.

The Woodcraft instructions say to mount them on the most forward engine mount (1 in picture)but I bought some used bodywork that had some holes cut into them around position 3. I've tried to find pics of where people have mounted them on the internet and tried contacting Woodcraft but haven't gotten any response and the pictures on the internet show the sliders mounted in a bunch of different locations.

Does anyone know the correct place to mount the sliders?


here kitty kitty kitty...
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the one location that you didnt marked is the right one.
the upper one with the chassis:

left side:

right side:

two sides done ther jobs already.
the feiring didn't need any paint after that:
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