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05 R6 Yamaha service manual has zero on fuel module?

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G'day R6er's! Had to do a fuel pump swap out on a 05 R6, & my Yamaha 05-R6 service manual dont show the fuel module disassembled? No nothing ! Except a picture of it as a whole? So got it apart to find the 05 R6 fuel pump i had ordered isn't the same fuel pump outlet as the OEM 1 i had removed? ( the OEM has a Smooth pump outlet pipe & the 1 i got has a ribbed outlet pipe) , so as this 05 R6 fuel module has a fitment ring that slides smoothly over the pump's outlet pipe for it's pressure connection, i didn't take the chance with the ribbed pipe outlet pump, & just got a same fuel pump size, performance spec's, & with the smooth pipe outlet ( 03-08 Hyundai elantra fuel pump for $14 delivered) put in the $14 fuel pump, reassembled the module, put it in the fuel tank, & it works & performs good as gold. & hey? I don't know if that fuel pump with the ribbed outlet would had worked fine, that i had bought specifically for a 2005 YZFR6 at the cost of $225, but i didn't take the bet, & just returned it for my $ back. So if you have a fuel pump failure on a same or close year R6 model, & you've also got a Yamaha service manual to go to for help? You'll proberly run into the same zero help on offer. So hope this lesson learned will at least save you some time & $ .
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This is the $14 delivered, 03 to 08 Hyundai elantra fuel pump, with a smooth outlet pipe, the exact same size, performance spec's, plumbing & electrical connector, making it a plug & play pump for the 05-R6 fuel module. The $14 pump came with 8mm hose, 8mm hose clamps, a electrical connector with wiring , the rubber foot , & the hyundai fuel strainer, where all these extra's will just go into your spares box, except the new electrical connector that will swap out to your fuel module if your old connector is showing signs of wear or damage. & it pays to swap out the R6 fuel strainer when replacing a new fuel pump, as they are only a few dollars any way .
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