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06/07 parts still FS

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still have some 2006-07 parts for sale. stock exhaust (mint) and a double bubble lockhart phillpis (mint), chrome windscreen.

prices: windscreen- $30 shipped to US (bought for $70)

dont mind shipping internationally, but add a few $$$ to price

PM me if your interested

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Happen to have an 07 stock bar end? :D
Happen to have an 07 stock bar end? :D
oh, srry havent checked in a while. but no, this is the last of it.

still have the windscreen up for grabs...anybody...
lowered the windscreen price. SOMEBODY'S gotta want a windscreen :lmao
ok Ill take the windscreen will pm with info.

uhh, didnt go through....windscreen still up for grabs
i bet if you paint it black you could get more $$$ for it
hey bro i have some stock bar ends for an 07 R6....interrested?
e-mail me! there in great shape!
[email protected]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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