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how much you want for the tailight?

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Rules for selling items and or replying to threads in this section:

This goes for trading items as well. No, we are not being harsh, or controlling, but this eliminates the spam, the "bots", and the theif. It protects everyone invovled. Outside of the EXCEPTIONS below, this is non-negotiable. It is a rule set by the owners, and followed strictly on both the R1 and the R6 forums. Please follow it.

2. Vendors (or people selling quantities of the same item) must first contact Forum Administration (members: SpidermanSS or VPReatr) to get information on being a paid advertiser before posting items for sale. Buying for the sole purpose of re-selling qualifies as being a vendor and requires sponsorship with the R6-forum.

3. No eBay, Criagslist, or outside linking of for sale items.
If you have stuff in auction on ebay, then sell it on eBay. We will not have the items placed here also, making our members compete with the world to sell something for a higher price. List your product here, try to sell it here, then take it to eBay.

4. There will be no "auction-style" selling here.
If you post an item for sale and it says anything like "I will take the highest offer" it will be removed. If you want to run an auction, take it to eBay.

5. Posts will be deleted at the discression of the moderators.
There is alot of tendency to post negative replies when someone lists an item for sale that others consider "overpriced". Negative comments will not be tolerated. To put it simply-If you dont have anything good to say; keep it to yourself.

6. Omission of information is also known as fraud.
Example:If you are selling a leather suit that has a 9 inch tear in it you need to disclose that information to the buyer. Do not tell the buyer that the suit has "light wear" only.
If its determined that you defraud a member by failing to disclose crucial facts about your items, your access to this section will be restricted and you may be banned from the forum.

7. Use this section at your own risk.
There are alot of scams out there so take precautions in your business ventures. R6-FORUM WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSSES AS A RESULT OF USING THIS SECTION. As a suggestion: sellers should consider using delivery confirmation to avoid conflicts from buyers; saying they never received the products. Buyers, get to know the seller a little before you blindly send cash. If something doesnt seem right; it probably isnt. If something seems to good to be true; it probably is.

8. Respect fellow members
This section is a great place to make an extra buck and occasionally new friends. Please be respectful to your fellow members. Maybe try selling here to a member instead of eBay, maybe save them a buck or two. If you have any questions, problems or concerns feel free to contact any of the Marketplace section moderators.

9. PLEASE try to go back and mark SOLD when the item sells.
This will help eliminate the old threads coming back up, as well as help those looking for specific items.

Lastly, don't forget the Buyer/Seller Feedback forum. Be sure to express a good or bad experience with your buyer or seller, and let others know what to expect. Also be sure to check there for a member if you are concerned BEFORE you buy.

1. Legit Join Dates from the R1-Forum are accepted.
2. Special circumstances can be allowed, but you must contact a Moderator or Admin to be granted posting rights. ie: military, racers, etc
You must put "OK'd By (Mod's name)" In your description or the thread will be taken down.

1. If you do not agree with the rules set forth, please do not use this forum.
2. If you cannot follow the rules set forth, your posts may be deleted, removed, or edited by the Moderator.
3. If you repeatedly do not follow the rules set forth, you will be banned from this section, or from the R6-Forum for any length of time from 1 day to permenantly, at the descression of the Moderator.

See bold section of rules. Next time I will have to take it down.
Thank you!
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