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All prices DO NOT include shipping. Questions will be answered through PM or this thread. Low Ball offers will not get a reply. I can provide better close up pictures upon request. Paypal ONLY. Remember to add paypal fees or gift it if you want. I'm trustworthy. Ask anyone that's been around a couple years and they'll vouch for me.


Left side plastics are pretty rashed. The mid has a hole in it, but the upper and lower are just rashed. Right side is pretty good with just normal wear. The Yamaha decal on the right lower is scuffed off a little and the mids are cut for woodcraft frame sliders.

Left side of the headlight is cracked and broken and the housing has broken tabs.

Again, just ask if you want detail pics of these items. I might have some other things laying around, so if I don't have them just ask and I'll look around.

Headlight- SOLD
OEM clutch cover- SOLD

Rear Wheel- $180- no tire, sprocket, cush, or spacers

Right Lower- $75
Right Mid- $50
Right Upper- $40
Left Lower- $15
Left Mid- $15
Left Upper- $15
Left Headlight Cowl- Freee
Panels- $25 each or $40 together
3rd Eye- $40
Horn- $15


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and for the record... i'll vouch for this guy. don't be afraid of a gift to save yourself some money. i won't let him screw you. unless you're a hot chick with big boobs and don't mind if i film. wait what?
1 - 20 of 77 Posts
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