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I've been racing an 06 for a couple years now and am looking at possibly upgrading to the 08, if anything to get a fresh engine. Being on a budget I would have to move a few of the parts across for this to be viable and wondered if anyone knew what would work and what wouldn't.

First Part I would need to make work is the Ohlins rear shock. I've got a front suspension kit which apparently my suspension man can get to work in the front. Axhaust is still usable on my 06 so would this bolt on to the 08? I'm not worried if its not going to make the most power but at least as a temp for the mean time this would be useful. Then bits like spare rims and sprocket sets. Sprockets seem to stay reasonably standard with Yamaha but the wheels would be useful as a spare set, maybe just with the wider front discs if they really work.

Compatible PC3 would also be most useful but I would imagine there have been changes there, with plugs at least with the intake runner system. Comments would be appreciated.
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