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Hi there guys,

I am new on this forum. My name is Joost and I am from Zwolle, The Netherlands.

So I dropped my bike 2 weeks ago and now the fairings on the left side of the bike are scratched and broken. I really want my bike repaired so i'm looking for new fairings for my bike.

I don't know about the prices of OEM parts in foreign countries but for all the parts I want repaired Yamaha wants me to pay around 700 euros -> 900 dollars? I don't want to spend that amount of money on new fairings so I browsed the web a little for some fairings and I ran into motorcyclefairingsdirect. I do not know this company, and never have I ordered items for my bike from other countries.

These fairings from this website are imitation chinese fairings right? So how is the fitment of these fairings. I want my bike to look tight again, and don't want to struggle getting the fairings on. I'm just a little afraid of ordering fairings I can't see in person so I can't say if they look good or not.

Do you guys think it is worth to order OEM parts at Yamaha or order some imitation fairings. And do you think that the price of the bike will drop if I want to sell it in future and the potential buyer sees the fairings are not original?

Thanks in advance!
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