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So I went down on some gravel the other day, and ruined my right side fairings and rearset. I just bought some black plastics to turn my bike black, so I will be selling the left side fairings and the tail end, but not until I get my new fairings in, however you can call dibs and Iwill hold them for you until i get my new fairings. Left side is immaculate, the tail has some scratches on the right side where I went down but I am sure can be repainted etc. All prices are OBO, as I don't really know where I should start when charging for them. Here are the prices

1. Passenger pegs - SOLD
2. Left Mid Laser Red Fairing - SOLD
3. Left Lower Fairing - SOLD
4. Tail end both upper and lower pieces - SOLD
5. Stock Tail light - $30.00 shipped
6. Front tire fender - $100 Shipped obo.

These prices are OBO and just in the general ball park. I can take pics upon request. If you want to reach me on aim my aim is nickthebrick65. Thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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